OK, this is a super basic page to explain what Open eXeed is. Open eXeed is an editor to create, edit, and validate XML Documents. Take a look at the screen shots on this site and you get the idea ;-).

Open eXeed is Win32 application, meaning it runs on Windows 98 or higher. This project was originally developed with Visual Basic. However, I decided to rewrite the code using Delphi and make the source open. Because, as many people started using the editor, I was no longer able to add every feature people ask. I hope this project will grow bigger and become a standard editor to edit XML documents.


To run this application, you don't need much. Just make sure you have MSXML(a XML parser from Microsoft). It comes with IE. ( One more thing, although all the menu are English, I did not translate the message string to english.
you might get some Japanese error message...

If you want compile from the source you need a couple of things.

I. Delphi6 Personal (I use Delphi 6 Personal Edition 'cause I'm poor guy. ^^;)
II. SynEdit (a great delphi component.)


If you found bug, or you have question please visit here. and post a message. Thanks.


Open eXeed is OpenSource under GNU General Public License (GPL) (the "License"). You may obtain a copy of the License at http://www.opensource.org/licenses/gpl-license.html